Use These 8 Self-Storage Tips and Tricks Before Long-Term Travel

November 1, 2022 by No Comments

You shouldn’t store your belongings in a storage unit if you don’t have the money to replace them. Most of the time, your belongings are delicate. There is nothing to be concerned about. But self-storage does come with a risk. Find a safe alternative to storage for valuable items such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and art.

The best self-storage tips are the ones that you should follow, significantly if your moving container may move during transit. You never know when you will need to access your unit, so make sure everything is organized in a way that makes it simple. The front should be used for more essential items, and the back should be used for things you won’t use often. Also, think vertically. Don’t crowd items at the bottom. Take advantage of the unit’s height. Most units are at a minimum of eight Kansas City moving companies feet high. Stack your things with heavier items closer than the ground. To ensure that your items are easily accessible, leave a walkway from the front of your unit to the back.

It is essential to properly wrap and pack your items to prevent them from becoming damaged. You should cover furniture with blankets and moving pads (not plastic, as that can trap moisture and lead to mildew or mold) and keep small items in a box. Protecting fragile items with packing paper is important as keeping them safe from damage. Check if your homeowners or renters insurance includes personal property in storage. 

If your insurance doesn’t cover the storage, you might be able to purchase additional storage insurance through the storage company. It would be best to have extra protection, as it gives you peace of mind. Make sure you don’t pack anything that could spoil. You don’t want to smell lousy food or plant matter when you open your unit.

You can still move items into storage, but it is a big job that can be hard to do on your own. You might consider asking a family member or friend for assistance, particularly if you plan on loading large items or stacking heavy things high. An extra pair of hands will make the process smoother and quicker, reducing the chance of injury from lifting furniture or other heavy objects. It is essential to be cautious about who has access. You should always use your best judgment and never give someone access to your unit without first establishing trust in them. Bad intentions can cause storage units and their contents to be very valuable. You should not allow them in if you don’t know the person.

Be smart about how you secure your unit. If the storage company requires you to provide your lock, you can spend more money to get a solid coil that cannot be easily removed. Even storage facilities with staff and cameras can’t stop something from happening. Make sure there’s a lock that you can trust. Be smart about how you store. These self-storage tips will ensure that you have the best storage experience. Your reserved items will be safe and in good shape when you are ready to retrieve them. You will be grateful that you took the time and did it correctly. Self-storage is something that many people don’t know about.

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