Place your hands on your thigh behind the knee and bring one knee to your chest

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After 12 weeks of recovery, you are able to perform all these activities including some light resistance. To reduce the chance of disc damage, heavy lifting and repeated lifting are to be avoided. This includes lifting more than 10kg for men and 20kg for women.

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby for many people, but those with a back problem should be extra careful. Be aware of the time it takes to heal after surgery. Do not start gardening for the first 2 months. Gradually begin your gardening after that. You should use the advice cuanto cuesta una cirugia de columna below as a general guide.

After neck surgery, you should avoid cutting or sawing branches and overhead pruning for 12 weeks. After that, make sure to take frequent rest breaks. In the initial stages following surgery, pay attention to how your body feels. If you feel pain, don’t perform the task. (This may not be true a few month after the surgery). Discuss this issue with your physical therapist.

Remind yourself that you have a 20-minute limit when returning home. It is best to break up your computer work into shorter periods. An alarm may be needed to remind you that it’s time to stand. The time can be easily lost when you are absorbed in a task. Work in a way that reduces the pressure on your back. The habit should continue long after the surgery.

Do not sit with your neck and trunk rotated in order to see documents. Instead, work directly towards the computer. You can use a file holder that will elevate the files so they are as close as possible to your screen. When you look at the same side repeatedly, it is best to alternate which side your folders are on. To create a slight upward slope, you can raise the upper end of documents to allow for writing.

It is important that your computer screen be at eye height. It should be at eye level. If the screen is lower, it will cause your back and neck to flex, increasing spinal strain. Your screen may have to be propped up with a book. Use a detached second keyboard if your laptop is at the same height as a standard computer.

Place items you frequently use at the bottom of your shelves, items that you seldom use at the top. Keep heavier objects at the bottom of the shelf and light items at its top. It will reduce how much bending is required.

It may be possible to return to the sport you love, depending on what type of surgery and pathology you’ve had. In general, after three months you can consider a graduated return for sport, provided that an appropriate program of exercise has been completed first. You should discuss with your physiotherapist your particular case as well as any goals you have. The physiotherapist can offer specific advice, and will tailor the exercise program for you.

Continue your exercise program after you leave the hospital. You should make an appointment for a physiotherapist two to three months after your discharge to have the exercises upgraded. They will also teach you how to return to regular functional activities in a safe manner.

Please speak with your surgeon if you’re unsure. The rehabilitation process after your surgery is an important part of the recovery journey. We recommend that you visit a physiotherapist equipped with real-time ultrasound for monitoring the abdominal and spinal muscle activity. Pilates studios are a great place to start. You should tailor your exercise plan to meet the needs of you and be specific.

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