Marshaling and Serialization – what are the differences?

March 30, 2023 by No Comments

It is all covered in our blog, The Need for Smart Packaging. Innovative packaging solutions are interactive, connected, and context-aware Serialisation. This means the information displayed on a consumer’s device is often contextual to the product used. Innovative packaging solutions can improve product quality and safety, prevent counterfeiting and increase product shelf life. They also provide helpful information to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Yeo Valley uses intelligent packaging solutions to tell its story and collect consumer data. This British brand uses QR codes, or MOO R’ codes, on over 100 million products. This code will allow consumers to access specific product information, brand content, and future promotions. The dynamic digital experiences can be adapted based on product, customer location, and time of day.

Bombay Sapphire created an enhanced experience with Shazam by using innovative packaging. The label contained an animation that represented the essence and spirit of Bombay Sapphire. Click to view exclusive video content that curates unique cocktails recipes. Stacy’s has created a QR Code that targets Women-Owned Business Directory to honor women-owned businesses. This clever packaging solution helped more than their internal brand.

Appetite Creative helped Tetra Pak create an intelligent packaging solution. The goal is to save trees and teach sustainability through an entertaining approach. The game tests users’ recycling knowledge and Tetra Pak’s environmental impact. There were five questions across the two levels of this interactive quiz. The goal was to grow more trees in the forest. Players would see a tree grow if they answered a question correctly.

Vital Farm’s innovative packaging solutions take you to their farms. The consumer wants to know where their food comes from. Firm Farms owner, Diez Canseco, says transparency is integral to their business. The company created this program to give customers a 360-degree view of their farms. It is an industry first! Many CPG categories have seen brand managers and owners fall prey to the shiny object syndrome. This is when they put a QR code on the front of every package.

Are you looking for information on innovative packaging? How can intelligent packaging improve brand experience and increase purchase intent? This article will provide insight and strategies for your brand to achieve a long-term and immediate ROI. Innovative packaging, used in CPG marketing, will enable you to tie your product packaging together with a digital experience. Innovative packaging uses connected technologies to give consumers greater insight into the product than traditional packaging spaces.

The definition of innovative packaging has been extended to include active and intelligent packaging by the packaging industry. Brands can link their packaging to a social channel, downloadable file, or coupon page. No matter your brilliant packaging goals, we recommend that consumers be directed to a trackable landing site. Innovative packaging is a wise decision because it offers many benefits in the future, including reporting and marketing.

Each inch of your packaging is crucial. Packaging design is essential for converting the consumer’s attention from product awareness to product curiosity. There is an inherent trade-off when using a scannable number on your packaging. It may be a cost-prohibitive purchase driver.

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