All About Information Should You Stretch Your Own Canvas?

April 4, 2023 by No Comments

Canvas stretching is essential to preserve the canvas and prepare it for framing. It’s as easy as that. Stretching a canvas or adding a stretched canvas frame is not easy. There are many factors to consider custom canvas. It is not surprising that many questions are asked about the process. Below are the top questions that are most commonly requested and particularly important, especially before purchasing your canvas.

Many stretcher bars and options depend on your canvas size. Choosing the right stretcher bar is crucial to ensure your canvas stays stretched correctly and doesn’t bow or warp over time. The correct stretcher bars can be selected so there are no brace bars between the top and bottom of the frame.

A thicker stretcher bar is required if the canvas image needs to wrap around the edges to achieve the desired effect. The product will be destroyed if the stretcher bar is too small. It is recommended to leave at least 50mm between your painting’s edge and the edge on the canvas. This will give you enough space to stretch your canvas around the stretcher bars and secure it to the back.

Do not be discouraged if your measurements are less than these. Some cases may require a minimum of 30mm, depending on the size and use of the stretcher bar. You can wrap the canvas around your image and staple it to the back if there isn’t enough canvas. This is especially useful for images with lots of space on the outside. It can also be done without framing. Stretcher bars can be purchased in lengths between 3 and 4m. The most extended stretchable canvas is around 2.8m.

If you have large-sized artwork, it’s brilliant to think about how you will transport the canvas. It is common for people to forget that canvas will return much larger than the size it was when it was first rolled up. Portfolio Picture Framers stretches various canvas artworks, including printed pieces, acrylic paintings, Indigenous artwork, and canvas artworks bought overseas, like Vietnam, Bali, Phuket, and Bali.

Other than stretching canvas, we can also try materials such as artist linen or other textiles. If you have artwork on fabric but aren’t sure whether it can be extended, please ask our team. This question is frequently asked. Yes, you can. The problem is that stretcher bars are not made from regular timber. They are specially shaped for canvas. Your canvas will not touch the bar at the end of the stretcher bar because the wood is only the outer edge.

If you have stretched your canvas on 2×4 timber, it will create a line in your painting where the wood touches the canvas. This is not possible to remove. It would be best if you also considered the art of stretching the canvas. While it may seem simple on YouTube stretching a canvas is much more complicated than it appears. It takes years to master the art of stretching a canvas.

As someone who has witnessed many customers trying to stretch their canvas themselves, I recommend hiring a professional picture framer to save time and money. Canvas stretching is cheaper than framing your print or artwork on paper. Only the stretcher bar and labor are charged. This contrasts with frames that include the structure, matboard glass, backing, and work. You will also find that most frames with decorative elements are more expensive than stretcher bars, depending on your chosen frame.

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