Are home security cameras worth it?

January 3, 2023 by No Comments

You must be careful when choosing security cameras. While you might not be as worried about hacking as indoor security cameras are, it is essential to remember that no one wants strangers looking into their home. These tips will help you get the peace of mind you wish without infringing on anyone’s privacy. Many outdoor security cameras are available at attractively low prices.

Unknown brands pose a serious privacy risk. Some of the top security camera manufacturers–including Ring, Wyze, and Eufy–have been breached, but public scrutiny forced them to make improvements. Hackability is possible for any system, but less well-known brands are more likely to be called out. They also tend to disappear or change their names when they are.

How Much Camera Resolution is Enough?

While a strong password is essential, biometric support is more secure and convenient. We prefer security cameras that can be used with mobile apps that allow fingerprint or face unlock. Two-factor authentication (2FA) prevents anyone with your username or password from the security system from logging in to your camera. It usually requires a code sent by SMS, email, or authenticator app. This adds a layer of security. Although it is becoming a standard in the industry, you still need to activate it manually. Cameras that do not offer at least 2FA are not recommended.

The Arlo Pro 4 is our top outdoor security camera. It has clear footage, no matter the season, fast loading times for the live feed, and innovative notification systems. The camera connects directly to Wi-Fi, features a 160-degree field of view, and records at up 2K resolution with HDR. Your feed will not look blurred if there is a light source within the frame. You can also choose from color night vision or spotlight.

This uses an integrated light source to illuminate the scene. The two-way audio is crystal clear, relatively lag-free, and has a built-in siren. It has been a reliable and consistent performer over many months of testing. Arlo claims that it can last up to six months on a single charge, but this all depends on how busy you are. Mine took three months to recharge fully.

Does the Camera System Play Well With Others?

The app is simple and filters motion alerts by animals, people, vehicles, or packages. The notification system is quick and accurate. It offers animated previews and screenshots with highlighted subjects that are easy to see, even on a smartwatch screen. But here’s the catch: To make the most out of these features, you will need an Arlo Secure Plan ($3 per Month for a single camera), and it also gives you 30 days of cloud-based video history.

The Defender Guard Pro meets all of your requirements. It is affordable and offers 2K video and two-way audio. Local storage via a microSD card is also available. There are also a flashlight and siren. The videos are sharp and clear, with 16x digital zoom. Although the main problem is that bright light can blur parts of the image (especially if you are using color night vision), the overall quality of the images is excellent for the price. During my testing, alerts were received quickly, and the app loaded consistently fast.

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